Asus A41-X550A long life battery

This battery replacement fit for Asus A41-X550A A41-X550 F550 F552 X550 R510C A550 K550 P550 X550C
    A41-X550A Battery Specifications
  • ConditionBrand New
  • Voltage14.8V
  • Capacity2200mAh
  • Number of Cells4 cells
  • Cell TypeLi-Polymer
  • ColorBlack
  • Size11.8 x 2.8 x 1.9 inches
  • WarrantyFull 1 Year
  • AvailabilityIn stock, battery location: Granville, Sydney, NSW 2142
  • List Price: AU $57.99
  • Our Price: AU $36.79
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Better quality, Better price

Top Quality A41-X550A Laptop Battery Replacement for ASUS A41-X550 A450 P550 F550, Extended Battery Life!

Our Asus A41-X550A batteries comply with OEM specifications strictly. Premium Grade A Panasonic battery cells which can provide up to 500 - 1000 recharge cycles over the life of the battery, it is safe with overcharge & over-discharge, over-current & short circuit protection.

Each replacement battery for Asus A41-X550A has gone through more than one hundred strict tests on the quality and safety, certified safe by world-renowned third parties UL, CE, FCC and RoHS. And the material is meet environmental protection standards.

Main Benefits: Full 1 Year warranty - if anything goes wrong with the A41-X550A battery, we'll replace it! Economical alternative to costly genuine Asus A41-X550A batteries 100% compatible to meet OEM specifications for safety and performance. Constructed of high quality materials and circuit board to ensure durability and performance.

More importantly, our Asus A41-X550A laptop batteries are sold directly online, without other agents profits included. Therefore, the selling price that you see on our website will generally be 20%-35% lower than the competitors. If you find a cheaper battery on the competitive website, please let us know that and we will beat it for you.

Multi Protect

12 layer intelligent composite security technology

  • OVER discharge PROTECTION
Compatible Battery Part Numbers
  • A32-X550
  • A41-X550
  • A41-X550A
  • 0B110-00230000
  • 0B110-00230500
  • 0B110-00230400
  • 0B110-00230100
  • 0B110-00230300
  • 0B110-00400000
  • 0B110-00230200
  • 0B110-00230900
Compatible Laptop Models

ASUS X450 Series

ASUS X452 Series X452, X452C, X452Cp, X452E, X452Ea, X452Ep

ASUS X550 Series X550, X550A, X550LA, X550C, X550Ca, X550Cc, X550Cl, X550D, X550E, X550X , X550JX, X550JK

ASUS A450 Series A450C, A450E, A450E1007CC-SL, A450E3217CC-SL, A450E323VB-SL, A450E3337CC-SL, A450E42JF-SL, A450E47JF-SL, A450J, A450JF, A450V, A550D

ASUS A550 Series A550, A550C, A550Ca, A550Cc, A550L, A550La, A550Lb, A550Lc, A550V, A550Vb, A550Vc

ASUS F450 Series

ASUS F550 Series F550, F550C, F550Ca, F550Cc, F550Dp, F550E, F550Ea, F550L, F 550jx, F550La, F550Lb, F550Lc, F550V, F550Vb, F550Vc

ASUS K550 Series K550, K550C, K550Ca, K550Cc, K550L, K550La, K550Lb, K550Lc, K550V, K550Vb, K550Vc, K550JX

ASUS K450 Series K450, K450C, K450Ca, K450Cc, K450L, K450La, K450Lb, K450Lc, K450V, K450Vb, K450Vc, K450Ve

ASUS F552 Series F552, F552C, F552Cl, F552E, F552Ea, F552Ep, F552V, F552Vl

ASUS P450 Series P450, P450C, P450Ca, P450Cc, P450L, P450La, P450Lb, P450Lc, P450V, P450Vb, P450Vc

ASUS P550 Series P550, P550C, P550Ca, P550Cc, P550L, P550La, P550Lc

ASUS R409 Series R409, R409C, R409Ca, R409Cc, R409L, R409La, R409Lb, R409Lc, R409V, R409Vb, R409Vc, R409Ve

ASUS R510 Series R510, R510LA, R510C, R510Ca, R510Cc, R510D, R510Dp, R510E, R510Ea, R510L, R510La, R510Lb, R510Lc, R510V, R510Vb, R510Vc

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1-Year Warranty
We offer 12 months warranty on the replacement battery for Asus A41-X550A laptop! During this period, if your battery fails due to quality problems, we will replace your battery with a new one.

30-Day Money Back Guarantee
The new Asus A41-X550A battery should be charged fully and discharged to lower 5-10% for 5-6 times for normally perform. Traditional 7-Day Money Back Guarantee cannot meet test needs enough. To this end, we extend the warranty from 7-day to 30 days.


If there are any problems with the battery you purchased from us, please contact us first. We will process your request as soon as possible and solve your problems. If our technical engineers cannot solve your problems, we will generate an RMA number for you, so that you can return the battery to us. If the testing result indicates that the returned battery is faulty, we will refund you or send you a new battery for free.

Questions About The Asus A41-X550A Battery Replacement (Generic, Brand New Compatible)

Q: Will my laptop's performance differ if I use your Asus A41-X550A Replacement Battery?

A: Replacement batteries or "aftermarket" batteries will often last longer and provide more runtime than the original equipment manufacturer (OEM) batteries that came with your device. We design the compatible battery replacement so that it provides the necessary voltage as required by your particular device/model. In most cases our factories manufacture the batteries to meet or exceeed the OEMs specifications so that you will see the same or better performance as the OEM battery. In some cases, it is not possible or practical to make a replacement battery's capacity/runtime better than the original. In rare cases, our factories may find it impractical to make the replacement battery's capacity/runtime even as high as the original.

Q: How long will this Asus A41-X550A Notebook Battery Replacement last?

A: There are two factors that govern how long a compatible Asus A41-X550A Battery will last: runtime and charge-discharge cycles. Runtime is controlled by capacity and usage. Capacity is measured in Amp hours or milliamp hours. Battery capacity quantifies the total amount of energy stored within a battery. More capacity equals longer runtime between battery charges.

Q: I do not see my laptop model listed in your Compatible Model List? Will your battery fit?

A: We do our best to list as many laptop computer models that our batteries fit with, but inevitably we sometimes miss a model or two. The best thing to do to insure that our battery will fit in this case is to ask us.

Q: How do I check if this Asus A41-X550A battery is fit my laptop?

A: First, you need to find model name of your laptop or part number of the original battery(e.g. "A41-X550"), and then check whether they are in the "Compatible Laptop Models" table or "Compatible Battery Part Numbers" table. Second, you need to check the voltage (rated) of this battery is the same as your genuine battery. Finally, please compare the image in the "Product Larger Images" with your old battery to make sure you can choose the right battery.

Tips: Batteryfast supply high quality batteries for various branded laptops. We have more than 100,000 notebook batteries, including almost all the laptop computer batteries on the market. In addition, for more accurately searching for the battery, you can click How to find the correct battery fit your laptop? for more details. If you can not find the battery you want, please contact our customer service for help.

Q: How to properly maintain the notebook battery for Asus A41-X550A?

1Avoid constantly charging and discharging - Keep charging laptop with battery plugged in the whole day or even several days will shorten the laptop battery lifespan.
2Regularly fully discharging and recharging - If you charge your laptop for the first time, fully charge it to 100%. After that, to take better care of the laptop battery, keep it 30%-80% charge most of the time.
3Avoid high voltage - To take better care of A41-X550A laptop battery, try to avoid connecting the laptop ac adapter to one power outlet with high power appliances connected, such as air conditioner, refrigerator.
4Avoid high temperature - Laptop battery works best at room temperature. High temperature is the biggest enemy of notebook batteries. Frequently leaving laptop at high temperature will decrease the battery capacity.
5Daily usage - Please recharge immediately when A41-X550A battery reduced to 15% level. It is prohibited to discharge the battery to 0% as that will shorten the battery life and cause damages to Asus laptop battery.
6Do not unplug the battery during charging, better to turn off the laptop when recharge the battery.