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Replacement Cordless Drill Batteries

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Welcome to online Power Tool Batteries Store, Batteryfast supply a complete line of cordless drill batteries and drill battery chargers for most power tools: Makita Cordless Drill Batteries, Dewalt Power Tool Batteries, Bosch Drill Batteries, Panasonic Drill Batteries, Hitachi Drill Batteries, Ryobi Batteries and Vacuum Cleaner Batteries All drill batteries are specifically designed for the right power tool brand models. If you have any question about our power tool batteries, please feel free to Contact Us.

Frequently Asked Questions about Power Tools Battery

Can I use a NiCD or NiMH cordless power tool battery?

If your tool currently has a NiCD battery, you can upgrade to a NiMH battery as long as your charger will accept a NiMH battery. The same goes for if you have a NiMH battery and want to switch to a NiCD battery. One of the biggest differences between these two rechargeable chemistry's is that NiMH batteries generally have a larger battery capacity.

How long should I charge my cordless drill battery?

How long you charge your power tool battery depends on many factors such as how discharged the battery is. Typically an overnight charge is sufficient to charge a battery, but in some cases it can take longer. Often, most chargers have an indicator light telling you when your battery is fully charged and ready to be used.

How should I properly dispose of my old power tool battery?

You can usually take your batteries to a local battery store or scrap yard to be properly disposed of.

New Cordless Drill Batteries

Bosch BAT609 battery
Power Tool Battery for Bosch BAT609
Li-ion, 18V, 4000mAh
AU $75.21

Dewalt DE9094 battery
Cordless Drill Battery for Dewalt DE9094
Ni-MH, 14.4V, 3000mAh
AU $71.51

Makita 6228D battery
Makita 6228D Power Tool Battery
Ni-MH, 14.4V, 3000mAh
AU $69.83

Milwaukee M18 battery
Milwaukee M18 Cordless Drill Battery
Li-ion, 18V, 4000mAh
AU $75.14

Black Decker A1718 battery
Power Tool Batteries for Black & Decker A1718
Ni-Cd, 18V, 2000mAh
AU $72.13

Dyson DC16 vacuum batetry
Dyson DC16 Vacuum Battery
Li-ion, 21.6V, 2000mAh
AU $30.79

Panasonic EY9L40 battery
Panasonic EY9L40 Power Tool Battery
Li-ion, 14.4V, 3000mAh
AU $72.75

Hitachi EBM1830 battery
Hitachi EBM1830 Cordless Drill Battery
Li-ion, 18V, 3000mAh
AU $69.69

Ryobi CDL-1802P batetry
Power Tool Batteries for Ryobi CDL-1802P
Ni-Cd, 18V, 2000mAh
AU $69.73

Dewalt DW9095 battery
Cordless Drill Batteries for Dewalt DW9095
Ni-MH, 18V, 3000mAh
AU $71.45

Makita 1220 batetry
Power Tool Batteries for Makita 1220
Ni-MH, 12V, 3000mAh
AU $66.42

Bosch BAT411 battery
Bosch BAT411 Cordless Drill Battery
Li-ion, 12V,2000mAh
AU $51.38

Rechargeable Cordless Drill Battery Life

If you have bought any type of cordless tool, including a cordless drill, then the most important part of that will be the battery. There may be plenty of features on your drill, but without a reliable battery to power it up, the drill is pretty useless. There is no doubt that cordless drills are a great thing to have as they just make everything that much easier to do. If you look after the battery properly, then it will last for several years, before it needs replaced.

Storing Your Cordless Drill Battery

Like any battery the life of it can be maintained if the battery is stored in a dry environment. If possible store your batteries in a cool dry place. if you got a bag or a case with your cordless drill, then it only takes a few seconds to pop the battery back in there and it will keep it safe.

If you plan on storing your battery away for a few weeks or months, then the ideal charge should be around 40% as at this charge, the battery will last longer. And, our testing has also shown that there was no difference either way by leaving it in place, or taking it out and storing it in a separate place.