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Black & Decker 14.4V Power Tool Battery FAQ

Questions About The 14.4V Black & Decker Cordless Drill Battery How long will my Black & Decker 14.4V Power Tool Battery Replacement last? There are two factors that govern how long a compatible 14.4V Black & Decker A1714 Cordless Tool Battery will last: runtime and charge-discharge cycles. Runtime is a measure of how much time […]

How to solve Asus A41-X550A battery plugged in not charging issue

Asus Laptop Computer Battery Troubleshooting Guideline Asus laptop batteries charged or stored under high ambient temperatures may have permanently damaged capacity and accelerated battery life decline. When the battery temperature is too high or becomes overheated, battery charging capacity will be limited or even stop. This is part of the system’s battery protection mechanisms. Asus […]