Power Tool Battery For Makita PA18 1822 1823 1835



【Upgraded to 3000mAh】 Replacement for Makita 18V Battery Ni-MH Compatible with Makita PA18 1834 1822 1823 1835 194158-6 193159-1 192826-5 192827-3 Cordless Power Tools

Batteryfast focus on designing and manufacturing varieties of Cordless Power Tool batteries with high quality and competitive prices. We will do our best to serve you!

High capacity provide you the more power and longer running time, make you work more effective without charging again and again. The replacement for Makita 18V Ni-Mh Battery is an upgraded version of the Ni-Cd battery. Uses the industry-leading technology to increase the life of power tool battery, no memory effect, can be charged or discharged as needed without loss of capacity.

Makita PA18, 1823, 1834 Cordless Tool Battery(18V, 3000mAh)

Upgraded to 3.0Ah Ni-Mh PA18 Replacement Battery Compatible with Makita 18V 1822 1823 1835, 6391D 6343D Cordless Power Tools

List Price: AU $60.99
Now Price: AU $39.79

Postage: Australia Post Fast Free FREE Shipping
Batteries location: Granville, Sydney, NSW 2142, Australia

Replace OEM Part Numbers:

For Makita 1822, 1823, 1833, 1834, 1835, 1835F, 192828-1, 192829-9, 193061-8, 193102-0, 193140-2, 193159-1, 193783-0, 192826-5, 192827-3, PA18

Compatible Models:

Makita 6936FD, Makita 6936FDWDE, Makita BMR100, Makita ML183 (Flashlight), Makita SC190DWDE, Makita UB181D, Makita UB181DZ
Makita 4334 Series
4334D, 4334DWA, 4334DWAE, 4334DWD, 4334DWDE
Makita 5000 Series
5026DA, 5026DB, 5026DWA, 5026DWB, 5026DWD, 5026DWFE, 5036DA, 5036DB, 5036DWA, 5036DWB, 5036DWD, 5036DWFE, 5046DA, 5046DB, 5046DWA, 5046DWB, 5046DWD, 5046DWDE, 5046DWFE, 5620DWD, 5621DWA, 5621DWD, 5621RDWA
Makita 6300 Series
6343D, 6343DBE, 6343DWA, 6343DWB, 6343DWDE, 6343DWFE, 6347D, 6347DWAE, 6347DWDE, 6347DWFE, 6349DWDE, 6349DWFE, 6390DWAE, 6391DWPE
Makita 8000 Series
8390DWAE, 8391DWPE, 8443D, 8443DWAE, 8443DWDE, 8443DWFE, 8444DWDE, 8444DWFE
Makita JR Series
Makita LS Series
LS711D, LS711DWA, LS711DWBEK, LS711DZ, LS800D, LS800DWA, LS800DWAE, LS800DWB, LS800DWD, LS800DWBE, LS800DZ, LS800WB

Power Tool Battery Package Includes:

1X 18V 3000MAH Battery FOR Makita 1822, 1823, 1835, 6391D, UB181D ML180 Tools
1X User Manual

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