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Power Tool Batteries Frequently Asked Questions

Cordless Drill Batteries, Power Tool Batteries

Cordless tool batteries are the batteries used to power tools/ cordless drills for your garden or for doing quick yet powerful fixes within your home such as the cordless drill, vacuum, and other tools. Lithium-Ion power tool batteries are more common, though there are other batteries of different chemistries such as the Nickel Metal Hydride (NiMH) and Sealed Lead Tin among others. 


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Are any cordless power tool batteries interchangeable?

No. Cordless tool batteries of different brands are not interchangeable. In some cases, there are spcific power tool battery brands and models that can be used interchageably with the various cordless tool models within that same brand. You can also get high quality replacement battery for your cordless tools and power tools from authorised direct supplier and drill batteries wholesaler. 

Do you offer bulk pricing on purchase power tool batteries?

Yes, we do. Batteryfast have bulk pricing plans suitable for your needs and drill battery requirements(e.g.: Ryobi CDL-1802P Cordless Tool Battery). Save more with high-quality bulk batteries, please email us at sales@batteryfast.com.au.

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