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High performance Dyson Vacuum Cleaner Batteries

Make clean up a snap when you replace the Dyson vacuum battery in your portable vacuum or cordless cleaning system. A long lasting, replacement Dyson vacuum cleaner battery from Drill Battery Shop will give new life to your vacuum, and speed up the cleaning process in your home or office. Trust the Batteryfast for reliable vacuum cleaner battery power!

Super Performance Charger Adaptor For Dyson Animail Vacuum Cleaner Batteries

22.2 Dyson charger
Charger for 22.2V Dyson DC31 DC34 DC35 DC44 Animal Vacuum Batteries
21.6 Dyson charger
Battery Charger For 21.6V Dyson DC58 DC59 DC61 V6 V7 V8 Vacuum Cleaners

Rechargeable Dyson Vacuum Cleaner Battery Dos

  • Do Keep Battery Charged: Recharge Dyson vacuum cleaner batteries as soon as you notice a decrease in power. Most batteries last longest if recharged when they reach 70% capacity. Even NiCd batteries (the ones with the so-called "memory effect") only need to be completely discharged every month or so to retain their charge memory.
  • Do Use Battery Regularly: Battery life decreases with lack of use, so keep those tools in action! If you only very rarely use a tool, you may want to consider a plug-in version, or plan to recharge the Dyson battery before starting a project.
  • Do Charge Battery Completely: Be sure to leave the cordless tool battery plugged in until it's completely charged. Most chargers have an indicator to let you know when the battery is fully charged.
  • Do Keep Battery Cool and Dry: Cordless tool batteries will last longer if stored in a dry, climate controlled dry area. It's not necessary, however, to store batteries in the freezer.
  • Do Store Battery Properly: Store your Dyson vacuum batteries in the original carrying case, or in a cushioned bag. Be sure to use the plastic cap that came with your battery to keep it from short circuiting and to protect the terminals from breakage or moisture.
  • Do Have a Backup Battery Handy: It's a good idea to have a second battery available and charged for your cordless tool, so you can switch out in mid-job.
  • Do Protect the Battery: Be gentle with cordless tool batteries - they won't work if damaged or cracked.
  • Do Adjust Cordless Tool Settings: Be sure to use the right tool setting for the job. For example, higher torque settings can run down a cordless drill battery faster, so you'll get more battery life if you use the setting that's needed.

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