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Genuine HP TE04XL Notebook Battery

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HP TE04XL Battery
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HP OMEN 15-AX200 TE04XL Original Battery

Li-ion 15.4V 4035mAh Genuine TE04XL Battery HP OMEN 15-AX 15-AX200 905277-855 905175-2C1 HSTNN-DB7T

List Price: AU $97.99
Now Price: AU $72.79

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    Laptop Batteries Warranty
  • 100% QC of Every Laptop Battery
  • Brand New, 30 Days Money Back, full 1 Year Warranty
  • 100% compatible with original HP HS03 HS04 notebook Battery
  • Engineered and rigorously tested for battery voltage, capacity, compatibility and safety
Chemistry Voltage Capacity Dimension Battery Type Price
Li-ion 15.4V 63.3Wh 205.50 x 107.80 x 10.30mm Original Laptop Battery AU $72.79

Top quality HP 905175-271 battery is a rechargeable, removable battery pack designed for longevity. Powered with quality Samsung battery Cells containing 4035mAh of power, Batteryfast is engineered to be a very significant part of your HP laptopís life.

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Bring your laptop back to life with Batteryfast high performance laptop battery. The original battery is Brand New, unused, good work. Batteryfast offer 1 year warranty for the genuine battery.

Compatible part numbers

HP 905175-271, 905175-2C1, 905277-855, HSTNN-DB7T, HSTNN-DB8T, L15188-2C1, TE04061XL, TE04063XL, TE04XL, TEO4XL

Compatible with laptop models

HP Omen 15-AX200 Series

HP Omen 15-AX200NA

HP Omen 15-AX200NX

HP Omen 15-AX201NC

HP Omen 15-AX201NX

HP Omen 15-AX202NA

HP Omen 15-AX202NW

HP Omen 15-AX203N

HP Omen 15-AX203NX

HP Omen 15-AX204NA

HP Omen 15-AX204NW

HP Omen 15-AX205NA

HP Omen 15-AX204N

HP Omen 15-AX205NA

HP Omen 15-AX205NW

HP Omen 15-AX206NA

HP Omen 15-AX206NS

HP Omen 15-AX207NA

HP Omen 15-AX207NS

HP Omen 15-AX208NA

HP Omen 15-AX208TX

HP Omen 15-AX289NZ

HP Pavilion 15-BC Series

HP Pavilion 15-BC200NB

HP Pavilion 15-BC251NR

HP Pavilion 15-BC260NZ

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Batteryfast focus on designing and manufacturing varieties of laptop computer batteries with high quality and competitive prices

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Batteryfast supply brand new replacement batteries that are manufactured to meet or exceed the specifications of the original brand manufacturer. This replacement laptop battery can be charged with original battery charger, provides longer run time and lower self discharge, holds a charge for an extended time and can be recharged any time without affecting the memory.

Why buy original HP TE04XL notebook battery from us?

1. Unparalleled Expertise - Batteryfast have been doing this for the last 11 years. This is why we know how to get the most out of our laptop batteries for you. We value two things: safety, and longevity. We know that delivering both to you means your utmost satisfaction.

2. Donít take any risks - Batteryfast comes with safety features designed to protect you from the common risks involved when using electronic gadgets ?UL/CE-/FCC-/RoHS certification for safety, and safeguards against short circuiting, overheating, and overloading.

3. Power you can trust - Itís one thing to stay powered longer, itís another thing to feel safe while using a genuine HP TE04XL battery. Will it last me? Can I save my files before it dies out on me? This battery works great for now?but for how long? With over 1000 charging cycles, you can rest assured that you wonít have to worry for quite a while.