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Hitachi EB1214S Power Tool Battery

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Replacement Hitachi EB1214S Drill Battery
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12V EB1212S EB1214S Drill Battery for HITACHI 2000mAh EB1214L EB1226HL

Li-ion 2.0Ah 12V Hitachi EB1214S Cordless Power Tools Battery

List Price: AU $67.99
Now Price: AU $42.79

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    Cordless Drill Batteries Warranty
  • Hitachi 18V batteries Compatible with Hitachi EB1212S EB1214S
  • Brand New, 30 Days Money Back, full 1 Year Warranty
  • High quality battery provide more capacity, more running time. Batteries are CE certified, 100% compatible with 12V tools and chargers.
  • Made of the highest quality battery cells, no memory effect. Intelligent Protection against potential damage caused by over-charging
Chemistry Voltage Capacity Compatible Brand Battery Type Price
Li-ion 12V 2000mAh HITACHI Rechargeable Replacement Battery AU $42.79

High capacity Hitachi EB1214S Battery is a rechargeable, removable battery pack designed to work with EB1212S EB1214S. Buy high quality Hitachi EB1214S Tool Battery with best price at Batteryfast, save your money and time!

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Give your power tool a new life. It is made of high quality and durable material. Portable size, easy to carry when you go out. High capacity, long service life. High capacity to ensure your cordless drill runs longer. One of good replacement drill battery for your life.

Compatible Part Numbers:

  • 320386, 320387, 320388, 320606, 320608, 320686, 321652, 322434, 322629
  • 323226, 324279, 324360, 324361, 324362, EB 1212S, EB 1214L, EB 1214S
  • EB 1220BL, EB 1220HL, EB 1220HS, EB 1220RS, EB 1222HL, EB 1226HL, EB 1230HL
  • EB 1230R, EB 1230X, EB 1233X

Compatible Original Models(This is not the full list,if you can't find your model on the list,please feel free to contact us):

Hitachi C 5D,Hitachi CD 4D,
Hitachi CL 13D,Hitachi DB 12DM2,
Hitachi DH 15D2,Hitachi DH 15DV,
Hitachi DN 12DY,Hitachi DN 12DYK,
Hitachi DN 12Y,Hitachi DW 18D,
Hitachi FDS 12DVC,Hitachi FDV 12DV,
Hitachi R 9D, Hitachi RB 18D,
Hitachi UB 12DL,Hitachi UB 5D,
Hitachi WP 12DA

Hitachi DS Series
DS 10DTA, DS 10DVA, DS 12DM,
DS 12DM2, DS 12DV, DS 12DVB,
DS 12DVF2, DS 12DVF3

Hitachi FWH Series
FWH 12DC2, FWH 12DC3, FWH 12DD, FWH 12DF

Hitachi WH Series
WH 12DAF, WH 12DAF2, WH 12DC,
WH 12DM, WH 12DM2, WH 12DM2K,

Hitachi WR Series
WR 12DAF, WR 12DAF2, WR 12DM,
WR 12DM2, WR 12DMR

Batteryfast focus on designing and manufacturing varieties of Power Tool batteries with high quality and competitive prices.

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Hitachi EB1214S Cordless Drill Battery Usages Tips:

1.Please make sure the battery that you are going to buy fits the brand,model and part number.

2.Please store it in a dry,clean,cool,away from heat and metal objects.

3.After use,it is recommended that the Hitachi cordless drill battery be cooled and then recharged.

4.When the drill battery is not used for a long time,it is recommended to charge the battery once a month.

Why buy Hitachi EB1214S Cordless Drill Battery from us?

1. We guarantee to provide brand new high quality replacement batteries.

2. Batteryfast has always devoted itself to providing cordless drill batteries with excellent quality for the end-users.

3. Our aggressive pricing allows us to distribute only the freshest batteries ensuring you receive the best performing batteries available.

4. If you encounter any problems about anything, please email us to allow us an opportunity to correct any problem and we will do ourbest to assist you solve the power tool battery issue.

5. OEM power tool batteries tend to cost more than an aftermarket cordless drill battery. We offers most varieties of high quality aftermarket power tool batteries that meet your budget and need.